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Carol Ann, U.K.: I have suffered from psoriasis for over 20 years and have tried everything on the market. I was told by a friend, who had also suffered, to try the FCD. After 3 weeks I started to see a change in my skin condition and 8 weeks in, I no longer need to use a steroid cream on my face.

Jan Piper, New Zealand.: I have come to your site as I have both celiacs and microscopic colitis. Was diagnosed in January 2012. I was having a colitis flare up and was beginning to think that my food combinations weren’t working. I believe I have the celiac side of my diet right. I have been on the food plan one day but can feel the improvement already. Bowel starting to settle down. As yet I have not gone on any medication as I would like to get my eating sorted out first and go from there. Thank you for this site. It is great. Love all the recipes.


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