Cooking with Herbs and Spices

© Adam Ward - Fotolia.comHerbs and spices can enrich taste and add interesting flavors to foods, without adding any calories. Most herbs and spices can be found dried or fresh and can be used in either form with ease. Here are some suggestions which herb or spice to combine with which food.

Herbs and spices should generally be used with discretion. More is not always better! Start with a small amount, you can always add more according to your taste later.

For best results, crush the herbs and spices before adding to your dish. It is recommended to add dry spices earlier in the cooking process. Fresh spices and herbs should be added towards the end of cooking. For long-cooking dishes, such as soups and stews, it is recommended to add your herbs and spices an hour or less before serving.

Arugula: use with green salad, quail, duck, tomatoes, cheese, nuts, strawberries

Basil: use with tomatoes, green salads, mozzarella cheese, veal, chicken, beef

Bay leafs: use with pasta, in vegetable and meat soups and sauces

Black pepper: adds a sharp penetrating aroma and goes with almost any foods

Cardamom: use with eggs, sandwiches

Caraway seeds: stir fries, potatoes, cheese, bread

Celery seeds: use in potato salad, salad dressings, sauces, soups, seafood

Coriander seeds: use with fish, poultry

Chamomile: use as tea, use with salads

Chervil: use with green salads, cheese, veal, egg dishes, carrots

Chilli: use in spicy dishes, beans, stir fries

Chives: use with boiled potatoes, soup, fish, salad dressing, plain yoghurt, mayonnaise

Cilantro: use with lamb, lentils, beef, fish, stews, noodle dishes

Cinnamon: use in vegetable dishes, compotes, meats, stews, curries

Cloves: fruit salad, chicken, pork, East Indian dishes

Coriander: use with salads, meats, fish, Mexican and Indian dishes

Dill: chicken, lamb, fish, sea food, salad greens, salad dressings, plain yoghurt

Garlic: use with meats, fish, vegetables, salad dressings, stews, gravies, and more

Ginger: use with vegetables, soups, salad dressings, fried tofu

Juniper berries: use with meats, soups, marinades

Lemon grass: use as tea, use with fish, soups, stir-fries

Marjoram: tomatoes, onions, turkey, fish

Mint: use as tea, with lamb, fruits, fruit beverages, iced tea, carrots, peas, apples

Mustard seeds: use with pork, beef, chicken, salad dressings

Nutmeg: use with eggs, mashed potatoes, cauliflower, white asparagus

Oregano: use with tomatoes, potatoes, fish, beef, cheese

Paprika: brings background flavor in your dishes which seem a little bland

Parsley: use with fish, beef, lamb, chicken, carrots, white asparagus, kohlrabi (cabbage turnip), sandwiches, soups, gravies

Rosemary: use with fish, lamb, chicken, veal, beef, potatoes, bread, marinades

Sage: fish, beef, lamb, chicken, pasta, cheese

Savory: beef, veal, turkey

Sorrel: use as tea, as soup, green salads, salad dressings

Summer savory: used with meat, vegetable soups, horseradish

Tarragon: use with fish, beef, turkey

Thyme: use as tea, use with tomatoes, cheese, beef, chicken, fish

Winter savory: use with green beans, vegetable soups, beef

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